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I installed some antennas when it went digital and video recording software so I could record multiple channels at once. Have not bothered for a few years. Commercials were so obnoxious, I just watch Netflix and Amazon Prime now. My wife watches YouTube a lot. News is on MSNBC, CNN, and BBC streaming.

Well that's also digital. The HD digital switchover wasn't just about over the air broadcast. I'm sure you already know this but the entire concept of television was drastically changed.

We didn't just swap our NTSC for ATSC, we abandoned all analog recording formats altogether, and we've now even abandoned analog photochemical (motion picture film) along with it.
The movie industry was so sure for so many years that film would be preserved as an acquisition format.

It wasn't.
Here's a dumpster filled with Panavision motion picture film camera bodies.

Here's me with the very last camera I used on a professional commercial shoot, a "Panavised" Sony F5 digital cinema camera, in 2016.

Simply put the film business IS now the television business, because there's no difference anymore between the two except for some overpaid moguls and an old outdated "studio system" that can't even maintain a hold on theaters anymore, because the theater is now in your living room for a couple hundred bucks.

And that's okay because it appears that theater patrons don't even know how to be civil in a theater anyway.
But movie theaters are about to die a long and painful death anyway.
Premium Video On Demand with same day or a ten day release window is the end of movie theater exclusivity.
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