The freshmen representatives are being told to chill. These things take time and patience. And political support as well as public sentiment.
I don't like Pelosi and never have but right now we don't need to let a media frantic for red meat push us into doing things we might regret later. Pelosi is only temporarily in charge, chosen for her political savvy to keep the Democratic House in order in these confusing times.

The media will happily turn this into a Democratic Civil War when it's nothing but the Speaker doing her job to keep the caucus in line.

Don't worry about the newbies, they'll be fine, and if they are making their constituents happy they'll maybe even get re-elected. Maybe more like them will get elected. Maybe we'll start to see some actual change. Them noobs need to be building coalitions and quietly urging younger and leftier candidates to enter politics. They need to be doing politics not just taking advantage of a handy soapbox.
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