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I'm sorry Jeff
Was there an explanation of you 'whataboutism' in there?

Is there a place in the public record that is the final definitive word on how the deals go down?

I think you and me have very different ideas of what politics was, is and could be.

The Democratic Leadership has been paid to lower those expectations.

IMO, of course. Sorry if it doesn't walk with yours.

I think you and I probably have similar ideas of what politics was and is, but I think you devote an inordinate and unrealistic amount of energy into imagining what it should be, and it may be (temporarily) clouding your ability to parse the reality of the thing.

I assure you nearly ALL of us have ideas of what politics COULD BE, and I'm sure most of them are probably pretty good ideas.

But we still face certain realities, and they're every bit as real whether you believe they are or not.

Do you have access to Google? Go to "the Google" and type in
w-h-a-ta-b-o-u-t-i-s-m and hit the ENTER key.

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