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From what I can tell, Jeff, you're saying I'm in violation of something called 'whataboutism'.

I've been careful and sophisticated but I'm still doing whataboutism.

Whataboutism is something you should not do apparently. Or I'm doing it the wrong way maybe?

Like I said, this conversation will get soul sucking.

Someone funny I was listening to made the joke that at some point Nancy and Chuck will be making the argument over how they scored a progressive victory over Republicans cuz they got them to use the good Zyclon gas on refugees instead of the longer slower bad Zyclon gas.
Sure, It'll cost more but that's what doing the right thing sometimes take. Were Democrats and we do the right thing even if it costs a little more.


Is this the part where I am supposed to leap to the defense of Chuck and Nancy now? Or was I supposed to argue about the merits of your funny friend and his Zyklon gas jokes?

After all, this position you promoted me to, in your efforts to make this thread all about me, I appear to be, what was it?

Oh yeah, "the official apologist and defender" of the "worthless and spineless Democratic party" and I am not supposed to criticize your motives, right?

Are you in need of a safe space?
Can we get back to talking about Democratic Socialism now?
Or is this thread still all about me because I had the temerity and the gall to criticize your motives?

You do realize that this is a debate site, yes?
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