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I have no problem with that.

And you can say whatever you like, but don't expect me to take it seriously when any criticism I make is construed as me being some kind of "cop" who "won't allow you to speak".

That's just a cheap shot and I like to think you're better than that.
Anyone has the right to speak, and anyone else has the right to critique it. That's how it works or so I've been told.
Truth is, I actually AGREE with much of your viewpoints AND criticisms of the two parties however the crux of our disagreement is how to approach the problem.

You're going to have to allow others to disagree with your ideas as to solutions. If you can't sell it to everybody, it's not my fault or "our fault". Those ideas are YOUR ideas, so you have to SELL them.

Now, if you don't mind, I'd like to get out of this blue uniform and take off my badge. I'm not "Officer Zimmerman".
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