Back to politics,
I was glad to see Sherrod Browns criticism of the democratic party this past week. It was a huge disappointment for many that he didn't back Sanders and has been reported Sanders took it as something of a personal injury.
At this point though, you take what you can get and I'm glad he called out the Democratic parties gaslighting the base over 'electability':

Brown continued, “I called Donald Trump a racist because he was and is. I won the swing state of Ohio by 7 points. Elections aren’t about some electability calculation. They’re about one question. Whose side are you on? Are you on the side of workers or corporations? Are you on the side of consumers or Wall Street? Are you on the side of patients or drug companies? Are you on the side of voters or dark money?”

The Ohio senator also criticized Democrats for courting the white working class Trump supporters, saying, “Dignity of work is not code for targeting white men who voted for Trump. That’s a losing strategy. That’s a betrayal of our values.”

At a time when many Democrats are courting the middle and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is publicly criticizing some of the most progressive members of her caucus, it’s interesting to see a Democratic senator like Brown take a wildly different tact of embracing progressivism rather than running away from it.

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