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Not that it matters but I believe the Democratic party is incapable of transforming public opinion into political support as effectively a Republican do.

Then you understand after all!
I've said MANY times that Republicans work like an ARMY while Democrats act like a bunch of hissing kittens and hand-wringing purity ponies over minutae.

It's like watching a flock of meadowlarks trying to beat up a monitor lizard with a bouquet of tulips.

If we are up against a machine like that and forced to play on a tilted playing field (gerrymandering and vote suppression) then it is clear we have to look at overall mass electability first, just to get a foothold back.

It is NOT HOW elections should work and I am the first to agree with you on that but it's the reality right here and right now.
The only people pushing the Athenian Straw Man Nonexistent Threat of Slippery Slope Windyfoggery (ASMNSSW) RE DEMOCRACY are people who have a misunderstanding/problem or hatred of democracy. (See AUTHORITARIANS)