Some thoughts.

The other night I saw "is gun violence a health care problem?" I would humbly submit that, in the United States, HEALTH CARE is a health care problem! (the problem being a for-profit healthcare system obviously driven by greed)

I am not convinced that the Democrats can beat Trump in 2020. They are not, so far and probably never, going to get the goods on Trump. They wait weeks for compliance of their subpoenas and then weeks more to charge with contempt, then more weeks to get that into the courts, then weeks more for that to play out. I suspect they could probably short cut to the supremes but that's not going to happen either. So the dance continues, the house whines and complains, the Dems are outraged along with the Republicans and nothing happens.

I suspect that those that want impeachment think that all of the above becomes even more dramatic. The simple fact is that this doubtful too. Basically, the house continues to investigate with few or no people testifying, thereby rendering all those investigations (something like 20+) spinning their wheels very loudly. The end result is to remind evenybody just how broken the system is and little else.

So, Trump has done a number of pretty disgusting things that need the light of day. For starters there is the appointment of "the best" to appointments and what that has brought; legally, morally, and administratively. Especially those dealing with the environment, malfeasance in office and incompetence.

Then there are the lies. These should be categorized, documented and include any available links.

Both of the above items should be well categorized and listed so that candidates can attack with what goods there are available so far.

My reasoning is that its gonna come down to Republican demonization of the Democrats, the trump economy and jobs against trump disgust. The Democratic party should have anti trump lists, such as those above, possibly broken down into Republicans being run against, by the Dems, ready, The Republican elected class is should be made to explain their support for Trump. It would be helpful to provide to any and all Democrats running for office the aforementioned lists and any others available.

I am suggesting this because the democrats in congress are of no help, even to their own. They just keep on blathering and little else. What they are also doing is allowing the Republicans to paint them as Socialist loons, with their heads in the sky, and unable to function. As usual the Dems just ignore that stuff and it hurts them. ,,

U also find it interesting that the Dems are silent when it comes to the national debt. This, in spite of the simple fact they are promising everybody the moon where there IS NO MONEY!

One of the things Trump ran on was being "a master of debt". In private life this meant not paying his bills. If you google "did trump pay his bills" you will get literally thousands like (oh, plus somethinglike 6 bankruptcies):

There has been some suggestion that he is actually not going to pay for the national debt either. This would bring our entire economy down to its knees are seriously reduce the worth of the US Dollar.

Now, one last. I think that most understand that EVERY time the Dems have taken over from the Republicans they inherited an economic disaster they were left to clean up. They never placed the blame where it belonged, just did their best to save the nation with nary a whine. This time around, unless Trump does something to take down the entire economy (certainly, a possibility), they will only inherit a national debt of horrendous size if they actually win. The size of the debt also means that if America is going to sell their bonds they are also have to raise the interest rate to entice buyers - which will make things even worse. All that, however, is in the future so - just saying.........

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