I'm surprised you don't have more complaints about her, considering her role in bailing out the banks in 2009. But no matter: She would be the most competent President ever, but she won't get elected. The thing I learned in 2016 is that women don't trust other women. There's just some deep misogyny in most women. I suppose it has something to do with competition.

But she would make a great VP to some pretty boy with credentials, like George Cloony. Between Amal for foreign policy advice and Elizabeth for domestic, he could be great. A liberal's Ronald Reagan. Since we have amply demonstrated that any rich celebrity can be elected, I think George is a shoe-in. He has 1000 times Trump's CV.

And it would be funny to see all those Trump supporter's wives vote for George because he's hot.
God sent Trump.......because God was out of locusts.