A comedian quipped about the bank bailout of 2009- 'Why didn't the government give PEOPLE the 1 1/2 trillion dollars with the caveat that the money had to be deposited in a bank and only so much could be withdrawn at a time? Banks would get recapitalized, people would not have lost their homes and demand in the economy would have been restored. Why was it given to banks to give themselves pay raises and buy up all the foreclosed homes?'

For me, that wasn't so much a joke but a comparison of an FDR style solution and a neoliberal solution.

I'm not convinced, when given the choice, which way Warren would go. I do know of another candidate's direction and will be rooting for him. He who is a solid second that shall not be named, or if necessary, only in negative framing by the establishment.

If Biden get the nod, I'll join the majority and vote for no one.