There was much left wing activity before the 1930's, Jeff.
Working class people were organizing and agitating since the 1600's. To say we were just dipping our toe into the water by te 1930's would be inaccurate to say the least.
Heard of Eugene Debs?
High plains farm revolts?
Didn't they burn a couple of guys for being anarchists in 1920's?

Dipping our toe? I think we read very different histories Jeff. We have purged any leftist thinking in this country so effectively that we've given guy's like JGW the idea that it's all right to simply say the left merely believes in clear food labeling.

Again, you might have a way to rationalize voting for right wing candidates but I can no longer do it. Democrats have been carrying water for the ultra right and giving them an even freer hand to explore the outer limits of their ideology by snuffing any left wing counter proposals.

Like a green new deal
living wage