"The perfect is the enemy of the good."

Such an Orwellian statement. I remember it during the last Presidential election and it was revealing how much that candidate sucked that the more left leaning base kept having that thrown up in their face as a rationale for getting behind the corporate candidate (yet again).It was vacuous and, yes, a form of hectoring.

Vote for who you want Jeff, but for me it comes down to having a line which you can't cross (or follow rather) and for myself I won't follow the Democratic party any further in it's rightward drift. If it has real legitimacy then the Democratic party should be just fine without my vote.

If it losses legitimacy then it should be knocked out in elections and something else will have to replace it that has more. Guilting people is no substitute for good policy and ideas. The party is on notice from what little is left of unions and the same from leftists. It's response was to change party rules and give it's illegitimate cogress members tenurship. That's undemocratic and the question has to be asked 'who's interests are being served with this arrangement?"

It's ironic that Nixon was quoted as saying 'were all Keynesians now". Fast forward 40 some years and we have the head of the democratic party declaring 'were all capitalists now'.

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