But we will be able to address these inequities better under four more years of Trump...said NO ONE EVER.

I'm not hearing ANY predictions about how Biden plans to fix anything. Warren has plans in place, Bernie has been planning this forever. Biden has Obama.

I'll have the gluten free, sodium free, thin sliced Milquetoast please! With a side of climate catastrophe and a global extinction event.

I certainly don't blame a leftie for not planning to vote for Biden. I don't know why any thinking democrat would vote for him in the first place.
Is he inevitable? Or does he really just represent the undecided voters? Bernie and Liz are pretty much tied for second. Here's a scenario I'm comfortable with...Maybe Biden will fade and this will turn into a race between Bernie and Liz!


Trump would need to nuke Paris to get any attention while that was going on.
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