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Because you see that Biden is going to be the next President, and then all Republicans after that

What I see, is Biden failing to accomplish much because he's so far behind the times. He hasn't even got the wherewithal to rule by decree and believes bipartisanship is the way of the future.....

He'll get the same treatment Obama got. Because they know it works.

2024 will see another Republican. 2028 it might switch back. How long can we go on without effective government in place? Letting the rich run rampant over the rest of us. Letting the stupid elect their celebrity heroes. What we're doing now isn't sustainable.

Electing Biden is a vote for trying to sustain it.

Signs and portents are pointing to a substantial Democratic win in 2020. Democrats will have two years to accomplish anything that might be on their agenda. Doubling the current minimum wage would be a good start. Ending the cap on social security is another.

Neither party has done squat to put money into the pockets of the voting public for a long time. If one wants to actually succeed I think that's a pretty good place to start.

It is a year and a half away still, so why are you guys convinced Biden is a lock, and not a placeholder?

Also, why am I suddenly being tagged a hardcore Biden supporter?
It's as if I've never posted anything here before.
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