You may be right. I'm not as sure about it.
Warren could lash together the same constituency as HRC did in 2016 but will it be enough?
There needs to be some damn righteous indignation and condemnation for what has happened to the average American overthe last 40years and I don't know that Warren is capable of doing that. Yeah, the lanyards will come out and vote but success has always been mobilize working class voters. PMC's have a hard time with that concept. I'm not sure she can do that yet.
My horse has been a proven bet but the 'Never Sanders' corporate wing is going to be an uphill battle. For all their rationalizations being about winning elections they have failed miserably but that doesn't seem to have weakened their grip on the party any.
The opinion of the democratic party leadership at my local level thinks anyone should be able to beat Trump as he's so offensive. I think they're being over confident as they were in 2016.
Someone once made the observation that the single greatest talent liberals possess is making failures sound like successes and keeping themselves from being turned out. I'm inclined to agree with that observation.

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