You think the upsurge in public opinion against Trump and the Republicans doesn't represent some righteous indignation and condemnation of what's happened to the average American over the last 40 years? Trump has brought it home, rich assh*les are running the show and they're trampling all over everybody else's rights.

Warren could lash together the same constituency as HRC did in 2016 but will it be enough?

Clinton won by 3 Million votes. Democratic voters weren't terribly excited about the race, the primary was ugly and it was a sure thing anyway. Trump didn't stand a chance against her, we saw it in the papers and in the polls.
Things are different this time around. Democratic voters are outraged.
A small percentage of Republican voters are finding it more and more difficult to support this administration...

"Get Out Of Jail Free"

It would be such a waste to squander this advantage on someone like Biden. Bernie or Liz are either one fine by me. I'm leaning towards Warren as a personal favorite. The press might see a Warren Vs Sanders race as a very lucrative redux of 2016...
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