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I don't think Biden is a lock. I think he is a default. It's "his turn", unless somebody better comes along. Which is a pretty low bar. Yes, Biden is in the lead with about 33%, but "not Biden" has 67%. As the race settles, more candidates will drop out. It will be interesting to see where that 67% ends up.

And I'm thinking there's a possibility that Gaffer Joe will stick his foot in his mouth all the way up to the knee, and a lot of that free range 67 will possibly wind up with Liz Warren, unless she too does the foot in mouth thing.
The only people pushing the Athenian Straw Man Nonexistent Threat of Slippery Slope Windyfoggery (ASMNSSW) RE DEMOCRACY are people who have a misunderstanding/problem or hatred of democracy. (See AUTHORITARIANS)