Funny thing: Trump and his lies have led a large number of people to do stupid illegal things, like send pipe bombs to Democrats and CNN. Trump supporters claim that reality versus Trump's fantasy are just equally valid ways of looking at the world. IE. "very fine people on both sides" in Charlottesville.

But when those supporters wind up in court, objective reality wins every time. Like the Charlottesville alt-right killer who got life in prison, or the Florida pipe bomber pleading guilty to 65 felonies and claiming Trump and Hannity inspired him, facing 40 years.

I think this is indicative of the future for the Trump fantasies. They will all come crashing down, often with very bad outcomes for his followers. A long con can go on for quite a while, but eventually it falls apart.

Trump thinks he's got a Supreme Court that will bail him out. But instead the conservative majority is going to have little sympathy for lawyers who come and lie to them, or present made-up legal theories that ignore precedent.