I believe that enough people are weary of the childish antics of a bunch of spoiled rich brats.

Anyone who agrees is cordially invited to vote these infantile whelps completely out of power in November 2020.

No, you may not get exactly the change you hoped for...some elements of corruption and failures or moral rectitude transcend party boundaries but it is nevertheless clear that one party is currently tearing down any avenue of investment in our future to pay for the fortunes of Mammon today in a way which eerily resembles the saturnalias of Caligula.

If you love Caligula but you're not invited to a front row seat at the saturnalia, you're a fool who thinks some of the palace festivities will just rub off on you merely by virtue of the fact that you're aware of them, when in reality you should acknowledge that you're just another peon outside the palace walls, holding your ears shut so that you can't hear the wailing and gnashing of teeth.

Even a junkyard rat has enough common sense to hop a train to the supermarket.
"The Best of the Leon Russell Festivals" DVD