I would vote for him for POTUS.

So would I, but I'm not a primary voter so I'll never get the chance. He's certainly not my first choice and other than being a nice, well spoken, white christian queer he's got nothing really to bring to the table.

We need someone at least familiar with foriegn policy and the way the state department operated before Trump threw a spanner in the works. I'm sure Mayor Pete could put on his top hat, tuxedo, and his best city hall manners and muddle through but he's still a boy scout politically. But like I said above, I hope he doesn't go away and would like to see his career take off after this.

When I think about the backlash that electing a black president caused I'm a little reticent to believe a gay president would be a good idea at this time.
Turns out we didn't live in a post racist society after all.

**edit**...Nominating a woman didn't go all that well either...

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