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I didn't say acceptable, jeff. I was responding to Gregors 'money over everything' with all politicians remark. For myself, yes, only Sanders has a record on that as well as a break from the neoliberal framing of capitalism as the only way to order society.
Warren wouldn't be a disaster but she still believes in capitalism. She just wants a gentler driver of the soul harvester machine. IMO.

That 'perfect being the enemy of the good' is so much nonsense thrown out to dress up incrementalism and failure to voters as some kind of wisdom. All it does is help people rationalize lowering their expectations while the donor class has been looting out the back door.

We're going to have to agree to disagree on this because I grew up in a regulated capitalist system that worked. We have ZERO experience with state socialism, plus 3/4 of a century of conditioning against the socialist brand.

With an election in less than a 1 1/4 years, I have my doubts about being able to reverse 75 years of conditioning, whereas the New Deal was effective. I don't see how countermanding capitalism wholesale is going to work by November 2020.

Agree to disagree.
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