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Warren wouldn't be a disaster

Coming from you that's practically an endorsement. Much as I love ol' Bernie I've just never been able to convince myself that he wouldn't be a disaster.

But if you want Bernie, you and all your leftie buddies are gonna hafta get out and vote for him in the primaries. It's as easy as that.

I'm not a primary voter because I don't care which one they choose.

Warren is my personal favorite right now. But Warren is being marketed as the one to like right now so I don't know if it's my own idea or just the success of modern marketing science.

I WANT the kind of a world (or should I say - COUNTRY) where Bernie and his professed "democratic socialism" tag garners about fifteen minutes of discussion and then is never brought up again, because his ideas resonate loud enough with an overwhelming majority of voters and lawmakers.

We're not there. We're not even remotely there.
In fact, we're so far from "there" that it is impossible to imagine HOW we GET there without a civil war and another economic meltdown at the same time.

Same thing with Mayor Pete.
I want the kind of a world where his orientation doesn't matter.
Is there a country on this planet where that is the case?
No, there isn't.
Worse, there are countries where his safety could not be guaranteed and THIS country might be the worst one in that regard DESPITE the progress we have made in that area.

Some progress happens slowly.
Ten years ago there were stubborn groups of people who said that they were buying up incandescent light bulbs
in protest of new technology.
It has taken ten years for that not to be an issue, and we're only talking about frikeen LIGHT BULBS.

Calling acknowledgment of the reality "incrementalism" is lazy thinking. I agree with Bernie's ideas but not his way of going about it...because his way of going about it won't ever fly in even a Dem majority Congress in both chambers much less the divided Congress we have right now.
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