What sanders can do is reframe politics and break out of this endless reactionary con our two corporate parties have been underwriting. That, alone, is enough for my vote.

Yes, Sanders could do that and I'd surely vote for him in the General.

I'm gonna keep harping on this...the very disorganized 'far left' in this country needs to organize and get out the vote. Swarm the f*cking voting booths like they were a Trump rally. Every nook and cranny of this nation has extreme leftists who will be sitting on their hands and ignoring the primaries. If they(and you) want Bernie to be President then they gotta get him nominated.

A Sanders presidency would be an absolute hoot! It could easily usher in the Global Utopian Social Democracy that I dream of!

But so could Warren. Democratic Socialism is all about taming capitalism. Just a few interesting tweaks in taxation that would go unnoticed by most Americans could right a lot of wrongs.
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