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A Sanders presidency would be an absolute hoot! It could easily usher in the Global Utopian Social Democracy that I dream of!

But so could Warren. Democratic Socialism is all about taming capitalism. Just a few interesting tweaks in taxation that would go unnoticed by most Americans could right a lot of wrongs.

At the very least, if we can wrest Senate control away from the R's and keep the House, a Sanders presidency would at least get us moving in the right direction, across the center-right, across the center and at least somewhat closer to center-left.
That's the very least it might be able to accomplish.
With a bit of effort, and some unity, it might accomplish much more.
But the same can also be said for a Warren presidency, under similar conditions.

But it all depends on whether we can spoil Mitch McConnell's wet dreams and keep the House.
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