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I'm gonna keep harping on this...the very disorganized 'far left' in this country needs to organize and get out the vote. Swarm the f*cking voting booths like they were a Trump rally. Every nook and cranny of this nation has extreme leftists who will be sitting on their hands and ignoring the primaries. If they(and you) want Bernie to be President then they gotta get him nominated.

If ever there was a time for the phrase 'No sh!t Sherlock!' this would be it.
Now you have to look at the impediments to having that nomination happen. The first would be the Democratic party. Second would be the corporations that own media and suppress and distort leftists proposals. Third would be the delegates (sorta bandaided that in the DNC reconciliation negotions after 2016) and fourth would be a funding apparatus to go around the DNC. (fixed that one with alternative funding structures for progressives) all before the 2020 nomination. Not bad for a 'disorganized' left.
A heavy lift to say the least but the left has far more obstacles than the center right and far right parties have when it comes to getting on ballots and having their votes counted. They're fighting both right wing parties.
Most of what the left proposes today was mainstream back in the today. Referring to it as far left and serves as an admission on how far to the right we have come with our two party monopolies.
A final observation. The yutes and progressives came out for Obama with his phoney hope and change rhetoric in 2008. No so much for Clinton's 'It's all good'. I believe it could be repeated with Sanders authentic populism. Maybe Warren. Not convinced with the others.