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Me neither. I have no idea what he was going on about.

Incrementalism is like trickle down. Always promised but never delivered.

We are witnessing the incremental legalization of cannabis products. Not pretty is it?

Let's look at our incremental improvements on civil rights and race issues? Kind of embarrassing to think about, eh?

How about those incremental boosts to the minimum wage?

Ten years ago there was a stab at making healthcare "more affordable" Not universally available, just "more affordable".

That's incrementalism at work. See if you can find other examples...:)

Well, don't try making it appear that I am an advocate for it when I am simply pointing out the same issue you guys are.
You're right, that is what we're up against. All of it.

Get your guns, gather an army and we'll have a bloody revolution.
That's what it will take to wipe out that well funded blockade.
There has been more money spent to keep that sort of constipated bloat in place than the GDP of several countries combined.

So the only move beyond simple ideological peristalsis is revolution, the only kind that ever actually unseats that sort of entrenched oligarchy.

Politics is based on comfort, or perceived levels of comfort.
Make the majority uncomfortable enough, quickly enough and they will make a move for significant change.

But it's not a controlled reaction, like some sort of scientific experiment. It can go awry, vastly so.
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