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We have been moving the age of majority up towards 18, while at the same time girls are entering puberty at younger and younger ages. Back in grandma's time, plenty of girls did not start their periods until they were 18. Now 10 is not unusual, particularly among chunky girls. Of course, back in the depression there probably were not many chunky girls!

And sure, Dersh may have had some experiences with young girls back when he was Epstein's friend and lawyer. I don't know anything about that except I think he admitted as such. But there are some cases that are icky, but not illegal, where the girl is decades younger than the man but at or above the age of consent in that state. And there are actually more states that set their AOC at 16 than any other age.

When Rush Limbaugh was caught traveling to Puerto Rico with somebody else's Viagra prescription, their AOC was 14. Miami is crawling with hookers. I wonder why he had to go to Puerto Rico to get some, when that was the only place of Earth where you would not be charged with sex tourism by the feds for 14 and 15 year olds?

Yes, there's no doubt that puberty has been assisted by all the hormonal chicken nuggets and other hormone laden foods our kids have been eating.
But come on, puberty in the 21st century isn't even an indicator of adulthood when said pubescent pre-teen is still very close to being a toddler by most emotional and intellectual measures.

Today's hikikomori teens are sometimes not even ready to grasp adult responsibilities in their twenties.
They might still be the minority but the phenomenon is growing.
We've infantilized kids for the last forty years, most of the time not even realizing it.

There's no way to compare the fourteen year olds of the early 20th century to today. Average life expectancy was twenty years shorter, adult responsibilities were pushed on them early on. Some even had to work factory jobs as young as nine.

I agree that human bodies are reaching maturity at an alarmingly young age but some fourteen year old wandering around with a Pokemon game is no comparison to a kid from eighty years ago who knew how to run a home, care for infants, hunt, fish, shoot and defend themselves against predators and adults, and earn a meager paycheck by the sweat of their brow.
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