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I am imagining the Middle East literally exploding in outrage.
I disagree and here's why: The US has had many women in traditional conservative Muslim roles represent the United States and nothing untoward happened. It'll be the same for Vice President Buttigieg we he visits. smile

Don't get me wrong, because for his sake and the sake of all in the LGBTQ community, I would hope that he really would be safe.
My skepticism however rests with the fact that there have been a lot of targeted killings of gay people in the ME and I wonder if we really COULD keep a gay dignitary safe, and the fact that I wonder if we can really trust our own security to not let their personal beliefs could their judgment in doing their jobs.
After all, there were two incidents where DC cops expressed a desire to see Michelle Obama dispensed with.

Oh...I see where he "he says he was just joking."
Yeah, right. rolleyes

And Pete Buttigeig is not a woman.
He's a gifted leader who happens to have an orientation that gets his peers in the ME thrown off the roofs of buildings.
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