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Pelosi just does not want the Democrats to shoot their wad early and wind up with Trump acquitted by the Senate by election time.
I want to hold onto that silver bullet just in case we need it after 2020. I'm pretty confidant at the moment that 2020 will go our way but just in case it doesn't, I want to have a little something in my back pocket.
I'm completely with you on this one, my friend. As of today, a majority of the Democrats in the House are in favor of "an impeachment inquiry". Majority of House Democrats now back a T...y Pelosi to act (USA Today). Moreover, the House has already argued that the investigations to date are "impeachment related". An impeachment inquiry has begun (The Hill).

I think an inquiry, and the impeachment question, will work, ultimately, in the Democrats' favor. I recognize that it will energize the GOP base, which is not an insignificant factor, but as more and more facts come out over the course of the inquiry it will dominate headlines, stealing much of Trump's undeserved oxygen. Actually moving on impeachment will inspire a good portion of the Democratic base, too, and, as long as they continue to pursue a clear legislative agenda at the same time, will give them strong platform to run against GOP incumbents (including the President).
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