I am starting to believe that the Democrats may just luck out. Trump is working, very hard, to crash the economy, and is getting demonized with vigor. Moscow Mitch is finding himself not only a butt of jokes but is getting really connected with the Russians and that looks as if its gonna get a LOT worse for him (I wonder, what if the house actually impeached him?). All these are good things as the Dems just keep demonstrating their inability to help themselves but, it seems, they can rely on the Republicans to do it for them. So, my fond hope is that, inspite of the Democratic inability to do themselves any good they may actually win next year!

Actually I am not convinced that the Senate might actually convict Mitch if he got impeached. He has got himself in a genuine mess with no exits. Couple that with the house passing something like 370 pieces of legislating whilst the senate has a whole 24 to their questionable credit. If the Senate Republicans stand even a chance at re-election (assuming the Dems actually put up viable candidates that are not promising the world) they are going to have to deal with Moscow Mitch.

OH, I have been accusing the Dems of not doing themselves any favors. An example might be the Democratic candidates attacking Obama and nobody even mentioning little facts about Obama. One, I think may be pertinent, is the simple fact that the Republicans dedicated themselves, for the last 6 years of Obama, to proudly block virtually any and all Obama legislation and appointments. One would think that somebody might mention that little fact but, I guess, the Dems have been too busy fouling their own nest to bother. There is a lot more to that one but I assume everybody here already understands.

A suggestion for candidates. Before running their mouths I would suggest they all sit down together and discuss stuff like heathcare and what is actually possible. The far lefties, for instance, are not a majority. I suspect most of their 'promises' are actually just more political hot air that will not be a good thing once they get re-elected - or not.

Sorry - once I start its just hard to stop <G>