Well allright.

I didn't want to be to predictable but it looks like no one else is going to post it up but wadda bout them numbers on the big board?

"Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont has a huge lead over other Democratic presidential candidates in the number of individual donors they have each accumulated so far. This is the first time since the primary race began in earnest that we can estimate how many individual donors each candidate has attracted ó a key indicator of how much they are catching on with voters.

Mr. Sanders is relying heavily on small donors to power his campaign, and he entered the 2020 race with a huge network of online donors who supported his 2016 presidential bid. The map above shows the breadth of Mr. Sandersís roster of donors across the United States. "

NYT 2020 Campaign Contribution Map

Does the game board say anything about electability and experience like we heard so much of in 2016? Would this qualify? No?, still the primary?

We'll see. At least the two that skew the closest are taking the top slots.