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I think more important, you may be socialists, but even if every lefty wins in the election, you will still have the oil tanker that is the US voters, economy, courts, etc. That's a lot of momentum, so you can't turn on a dime. You probably can't even turn much in 4 years!

For example, all those federal judges with lifetime appointments are not going to suddenly turn into socialists. All those centrist Democratic voters are not going to be very sympathetic to your programs, unless they see some benefit to themselves. Hell, there are plenty of people who already do not approve of government programs that benefit them. Even the unions have not been voting Democratic, much less socialist.

I've been accused by some of incrementalism for saying much less.
But I am not in favor of incrementalism, I am just acknowledging that people are notoriously slow to embrace change.
We can nudge them or we can inspire them but we cannot "require" them to do it.
I think we need to become a lot better at inspiring them.
The Donald seems very skilled at "inspiring" his admirers.
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