Hopefully we can slash prices and vote this guy out in 2020. End of problem. Minimum lives lost.

If he's re-elected it could go into the billions of souls lost.

I'm okay with it either way. I'm a big picture kinda guy. One surefire way to cut off a bunch of carbon emissions would be to kill half the population. Half the rest would probably die off attempting to survive in a world where the weather has gone mad. Eventually the dust would settle and an entirely new civilization arise. They will worship the Earth as a living goddess and vilify the Daemon Trump who is held back only by the will of the people and the gates of the underworld. So yeah, I'm thinking ahead a bit.

Hitler vs Trump? Hitler was a lot smarter and actually had a grand plan. If he'd avoided the racism thing he might have succeeded. Trump is just a grifter filling his pockets before he gets kicked out.

I have serious doubts about the veracity of that book story too. It's way over his head. We're all pretty sure he's dyslexic by now and doesn't read anything.
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