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So then...we should make every effort to elect the most centrist candidates, who will, with the Republicans, resist any change that benefits the working class. Resist any change that addresses global climate change, income inequality or human rights issues? Because it's too hard?

Joe Biden doesn't even approve of legal weed.

Because we probably can't accomplish everything we want we should just forget about it. Might as well vote republican with that logic.

And you don't want to be accused of incrementalism.

Now, if you'll just go back and find the spot where I said, "Hey kids, I think we should all just get behind Joe Biden!", you'll have something.
Otherwise all you have is...

(Drum roll + rimshot)

A logical fallacy.
Because I never said that.

What I AM saying is that although I am going to pour every ounce of energy and financial support I can to Bernie or Liz (already donated to Bernie so far) when the primaries come, if we WIND UP with Joe, I will reluctantly vote for him rather than (A) sit home and sulk, (B) write in someone's name, or (C) vote for Trump because THAT'LL teach the bastards!
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