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A lot of mistakes were made in the wake of the Great Recession.
I expect them to be repeated in the upcoming downturn unless Warren or Sanders are elected.
If we're lucky, Trump will force the crash before the elections and it will be on his shoulders entirely in November.

China has just turned the trade war into a currency war as well.

For some, it was not a mistake but a necessary action in order to preserve life in Amerika as we know it. Our very survival as Marketland depended on pushing mountains of money to the white collared criminals. That's how I remember the administration selling it to the public. Putting it down as a 'mistake' is far more generous than I can give it.

I would call it complicity in crime.

If that isn't enough to conclude that Liberalism is a dead end and a proven fraud I don't know what would be.

Biblical wealth inequality during the reign of the 'new democrats'. Just sayin.

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