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If he just did it slow and careful, Germany would be running the world by now.

For a little while they sort of were, until that nasty bit of Brexit wiped that out. The Russkies are tickled pink by all the Brexit Balkanization going on.

But modern Germany got where they are through social democracy, not fascism. The UK is being torn apart by white supremacy and nationalism just like us and at the heart of the Brexit movement is immigration
Brexit's gonna f*ck the UK up bad. Scotland's gonna secede, Northern Ireland aint happy about it, UK wants all the rights and privileges without the EU membership. Ten years down the road they'll come crawling back to Germany and begging for re-admission.

Hitler screwed up when he went the racist route.

Trump screwed up that morning when he attacked The Squad and made the 2020 elections about racism.

Everyone is just waiting for November 2020 to hand him a gun and send him into the bunker.
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