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Hitler was totalitarian, Pres. Trump is not. To say Trump is like Hitler in any way is ludicrous!

Trump himself is on record as expressing a desire to be Prez-4-Life, but even if he's joking, a fairly impressive number of his most hardcore supporters aren't.
Hence the nonstop demonizing of Democrats and liberals in general as "unamerican", "America-hating" and "enemies of the state" all add up to a soft form of codespeak which can, given enough momentum, become a somewhat less soft form of stochastic terrorism.

How far one wishes to ratchet up the agitprop is anybody's guess but as we all bear witness to, it's been ratcheted up pretty far by others in the past, and Trump is nothing if not a fan of hyperbole.

I find hair-splitting about whether or not he's "according to Hoyle" Hitler to be a waste of time, simply because we should not stand around waiting to see if he's going to check off the remaining boxes.

We have to vote him out, and maybe next time, Republicans will come up with someone better.
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