It is wonderful. I remember it perfectly when my boss asked to talk to me about my next project. I sat in his office and he said: "What we are going to do is terminate you instead." I had turned 65 and they didn't want the hassle of paying some workers for full health and some for Medicare Part B. Which is really kind of dumb because Medicare is SO much cheaper. I think he felt guilty about it since I had worked for him at three different companies, but I had a huge grin on my face as I cleaned out my desk.

I saved and invested quite a bit more than 15% of my income, always took the full 401K, IRAs, etc. My wife and I bought houses without selling the old one several times. So I really didn't need the money. Getting terminated was freedom. I do miss the company of my coworkers, and they have never invited me to any of their holiday parties or even to lunch since that day, which is kind of weird. I think maybe they all feel bad about getting rid of me, but I couldn't be happier about it.

Meanwhile, I have not been idle. I never have to think about going to work again, but I do keep busy. For example I installed a solar electric system in my backyard. And I don't mean I had somebody else do it. I rented the excavator, dug the footing holes, built the frame, held the hose for the concrete pump, installed the panels and wired them, dug the electric conduit trench, installed the grid-tie inverter, wired the whole thing, got the permits myself, and so forth. My only outside "help" was to get a public engineer to rubber stamp the plans I drew for $25. I've also done some major renovation projects on our rentals, and got my mother's house ready to sell. I am also now a breeder of Yellow Labs, which is fun.

There's always something else to do. I wonder how it all got done when I was at work five days a week! Still, it's no rush and I can just take a day off any time I want. I can sleep until 10. Stay up until 4 if I want. Go out to eat any time I want, even if my wife has other plans. My general health is pretty good in spite of the MS. My mind is still sharp. (I can do level 5 sudoku puzzles.) I still get ideas and build inventions, usually just for me. I've been thinking about writing another book, this one about being your own solar contractor.