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The difference is that we might be able to change the Democratic Party.
Failing that...after the Republican Party implodes then the Democrats can become the business party and the Democratic Socialists will become the people's party.

If the Republican Party implodes then the pressure on both the DemSoc AND the Democratic Party will be enormous, and they will both have to change dramatically, and I don't mean "moving to the right" because we know that the Republican Party will not actually "implode".

It will just cease to be relevant for a long time.

You appear to be talking about the emergence of a viable third party.
Go for it. I'll probably join it, but I don't see the groundwork being done yet so I hope it's not just another version of the US Greens, who hibernate for 3.5 years, then run Jill Stein for POTUS, then go back into hibernation again, lather, rinse, repeat.

At least the DemSoc's have AOC and the Squad but that isn't enough.
But it is a start.
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