Despite all your meandering hate for Clinton and the Democrats, despite your claim that they lost because Clinton wasn't "likeable" enough. I will point out again that she won by 3 million votes.

And I will point out that Bernie is not particularly "likeable".

And if Bernie should happen to be on the ticket there are a lot of voters who would leave the top line blank because they won't vote for a Socialist. Just the facts.

There was nothing "flawed" about Clinton. She was a great candidate and would have been a great president. She's not a great orator, she's not a great campaigner, but she's friendly, affable and fun to be around. She carry's hot sauce in her purse in case it's not available. She enjoys a drink or three and lively conversation. She knows the names of every world leader and has met with most of them. She understands global politics and global trade.

This was an opportunity lost for leftist America on the same order as Al Gore's loss to Bush.
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