So were back to 'she'd be great to have a beer with'? More 'electability'?

O.K. That's a rational and a strategy I guess. Kinda got crushed by the results though.

I don't hate the Clintons any more than I hate any other class enemy and white collared criminals.

Meandering hate? Gimme a break. It's been meandering excuses over 2016 as far as I've read. No real early morning, clear eyed critique. Just a lot of huffing and puffing and 'yeah, but russia, racism, etc....'

Couldn't do $15.00/hr.
Took more than a quarter million for a Goldman boardroom speech.
Would have followed the same neoliberal policies that has been pursued by her type for decades now.

Those are valid criticisms.

You come back with "She carry's hot sauce in her purse.."

Uhhhh, O.K....

Can't argue with that.

You got me!