I agree with much of what you say here Jeff. The 70's do seem to be a critical decade and the Powell memo was a key factor.
The reactionary politics started much earlier as a response to FDR's new deal but yeah. That Powell memo.

I would disagree with you, or defend my positions by saying the Democratic party didn't, as a whole, push this agenda but they eventually joined it and ran with it when it became lucrative to do so. Clinton really carried the water for much of their agenda in the eighties. As did many other democrats. That faction is firmly in control of the party today. That structure will accept no blame for the losses in 2016 or explain progressive victories in places they insist couldn't be won and wrote off.

It's called the Russia investigation. It was in the news and has been a soap opera drama for the last 3 years. It was being led by a guy named Mueller.I didn't move any goal posts. In fact, I only commented on what a convenient distraction it has been. I could care less about it other than being used as a distraction by the party and has inhibited any critique over party decision making, campaign policies or effectiveness.

I have commented more than once about alternatives:

Support separate progressive campaign funding structures for progressive candidates viability. The DNC is at war with progressives.
Support progressive candidates. Don't vote for neoliberal ones foisted on your districts.
Learn how this lousy establishment maintains power and attack it there.
Actually, literally help progressive campaigns. Canvas, phone bank, etc..
Practice some solidarity and start looking at the problem thru class struggle instead of a corporate human resource problem.

Why is it my job to sell you? Why do you reduce a critique to being about a binary choice all the time?

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