"Not only is it not your job, what you're selling is a vote for Trump even if you don't see it that way.
I can't afford it."

I'm not selling you on anything. Vote for anyone you want, I could care less. I'm just bringing up points about why the power within the Democratic party sucks and how it has lead to a condition like electing Trump (IMO, always).

Class resentments are real and legitimate but seems to confound that same Democratic power structure whereas it gets harnessed by Republicans. That's my opinion based on my observations and experiences. You may have a different take. That's fine and I don't mind hearing about it.

You'll have to pardon me if I push back on what I consider fallacy. Such as Democrats being 'left', Democrats support Labor, etc. (Not saying this is what you believe, just what has become a popular political narrative).

I think the Establishment will try to wind a rebound victory off Trump, like they hoped for in 2016. If they do I can't see any upside to another Neoliberal administration. I can only see downsides. I don't make over 200k/year and live in the suburbs. I don't have residuals or am able to live off interest like the rentier I'm a peasant that has it's labor extracted. That informs my opinion and perspective. I don't expect yours to be identical.

We had some training in our district by a protege of Saul Alinsky's. I found his process of community organizing very effective way of organizing community efforts.

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