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"Itís so ridiculous that itís laughable. Itís so ridiculous. But it just shows, though, that launching a smear campaign is the only response that they have to the truth, which means theyíre afraid of the truth because itís real. And more and more people are seeing past the faÁade that they have built up for so long."

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A timely article out today by Taibbi. A dive into the schism taking place in the Democratic party and it's base represented by the Tulsi Gabbard/Kamala Harris fight.

Similar to the Sanders/Clinton schism without the baggage.

A nice treat to see Matt Taibbi and Katie Halper working together.

I read it in bed this morning, great article and they both make excellent points. The difference is, if Gabbard wins the nomination I will be in the booth pulling the G lever.

You've already made it plain that you will only support whoever fits your exact expectations. Any deviation from those is grounds for your withdrawal.

I cannot afford that luxury. Neither can you but there is no way I will ever convince you of that.
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