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Southern Democrats have been driven by racism since before the war of northern aggression, and for the next century racism was the binding force which cemented Southern Democrat control of the South. The increasingly more liberal views of Northern Democrats on the issue of segregation disaffected Southern Democrats who began the exodus from the Party and began voting Republican in national elections. They continued voting for Southern Democrats in local races because they could continue to control the social issues locally.

Mr Trump's election exposed the Republican base as racist. It has been known to all who would consider the question objectively. No longer can Republicans ignore the racist makeup of the base as is easily evidenced by the fear Republicans have of Mr Trump. He has become the public voice of their racism, which demands Republicans pledge loyalty to Mr Trump or suffer the consequences of being primaried by racial extremists.

A historical rewrite of history to protect racial injustices perpetrated by the Republican base is so distasteful as to be odious.

Let's all be clear about this: Racism and bigotry are not Democrat or Republican issues - these issues of racism and bigotry are 100% Conservative issues.

As we have seen in our history, being a Democrat or Republican is fluid and has changed over time.

Being a Conservative or Liberal is static and the only ideologies that have remained consistent throughout America's history.

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