Jefferson on The Lousiana Purchase

"The Constitution has made no provision for our holding foreign territory, still less of incorporating foreign nations into our Union. The executive in seizing a fugitive occurrence which so much advances the good of this country, have done an act beyond the Constitution. The Legislature in casting behind them metaphysical subtleties, and risking themselves like faithful servants, must ... throw themselves on their country for doing for them unauthorized what we know they would have done for themselves had they been in a situation to do it."

So even strict constructionist Jefferson was guilty of a bit of Hamiltonianism.

We can have running battles between Hamiltonians and Jeffersonians all day long.
I guess you'd better hammer out another petition to match the one you have demanding FDR be removed from the dime.

Gotta get that bastard Hamilton removed from the ten spot too!
What a commie he was.
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