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Anything that is not expressly authorized by it is to be either eliminated or done by the various state or local governments.
  • Women's right to vote
  • Minorites right to vote
  • Gay Marriage
  • Due process for non-whites
  • Women's right to control their bodies
  • The right to own land if non-white male
Thanks for the reminder of why Conservatism is a racist and bigoted ideology, Senator Hatrack. smile

This comment is another example of judging our Constitution by today's standards. When it was written the right to vote, even when it was limited to white males, was an extremely radical idea!

What would have been truly radical is that everybody had freedom and were equal in the spirit of The Age of Enlightenment - but that didn't happen - because those pesky "keep the status quo" aka "conserve and preserve" ideals got into the way. coffee
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