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Elizabeth Warren is now in second place behind Joe Biden, having eclipsed Bernie Sanders.
A few more Joe Biden moments where he pens bite-sized hagiographies to his neoliberal past or trips over his own tongue and Warren may indeed take the top spot.

The Left need to get over Biden's senior moments. Biden is the only Democrat that moderates and Independents agree on to replace Trump.

I love Lizzy Warren - she's a better candidate for me than Hillary ever was, but the "socialist" label placed upon her by the Right will give us another four years of Trump if she is the Dem nom.

I'd want Lizzy to be FedChair in a Biden Administration. Harris as AG. Inslee as SecInterior. Buttiegig as VP. Booker FBI Director. Castro as DHS Director. O'Rourke HUD or SecEd.

Let's play this next election safe, then move the left. smile
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