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The fact remains that Communist regimes have killed more people than the Nazis did. Therefore, being a Communist is worse than being a Nazi. If people will not admit that the Communists were worse than the Nazis than Communism will still be an acceptable ideology. Both are evil. To ignore the fact that the Communists killed more people than the Nazis did is to lessen their crimes against humanity. The only way to stop any totalitarian regime is to realize that they are all evil!

No, because there isn't chance in Hell of America turning Communist.
In the 1930's capitalism had largely FAILED a majority of working Americans and membership in both socialist and communist groups zoomed upward, and yet somehow we managed to still cling to the hope that capitalism and democracy would save the day, and we elected a capitalist Democrat to help try to do just that.

We didn't elect a socialist or a communist, we elected a Democratic capitalist.

Therefore, your comment about how "Communism will still be an acceptable ideology" is absolute hysteria.

IT NEVER WAS, because if it was, we'd have hoisted the Hammer and Sickle a long time ago and kids my age who were then in school would have learned how to sing The Internationale.

The United States will never turn communist or socialist.
The big chance of that ever happening came and went eighty or ninety years ago.

Your thinking borders on the edge of Joseph McCarthy, or so it seems.
You're emptying crypto-commies out of the wastebasket, checking under the bed and seeing red flames in the toilet.

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