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Gold was only confiscated from people who refused to obey the law that they had to SELL their gold to the government. Almost everybody did, and they were compensated. The cases of confiscation were much like criminal cases now that use asset forfeiture for stock market manipulation or drug dealing.

Presidential Proclamation 2039 says you are wrong. http://www.fdrlibrary.marist.edu/_resources/images/eo/eo0040.pdf

FDR was far from a socialist. In fact, almost every economist says he saved capitalism. The simple fact is that the most stable and responsive form of government is a mix of capitalism, government regulations, and socialist programs. Pure capitalism and pure socialism are usually horrible for most of the people living under them.

FDR wasn't a Socialist? Thom Hartmann and Bernie Sanders, both of whom are Socialists, disagree with you. Only the economists who are fans of FDR believe he saved capitalism.
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